4 best and most used CMS platforms of 2016

CMS is the most important think required to update and maintain websites. Website owners have a lot of options when it comes to selecting the best CMS option to cater to their needs. They can choose a platform depending on the level of advancement that is needed. While different CMS options are suitable for different types of functionality, some CMSs have a greater edge over the others.

Here are the top four CMSs that have been extensively used in 2016:

  • WordPress

This is arguably the best and highly used CMS platform for years. This easy to use PHP blogging platform is popularly used by bloggers, especially for beginners. It has excellent features like excellent documentation and quick installation. It also provides a WYSIWYG editor for users who are not familiar with HTML or any other markup language. It also has a streamlined and intuitive backend layout. Another attractive advantage of WordPress is that it has built-in multimedia support.


  • Durpal

This is yet another popular CMS platform with large, active community. It is a pure CMS which has tons of optional modules to facilitate forums, blogs, profiles, OpenID, etc. It also enables to create third party modules with ease.

  • Magneto

It is an open source CMS that is extensively used for ecommerce scripting. It is a feature extensive platform that enables ecommerce owners to take control of the look, the content and also the functionality of their online retail site. It has tools for search engine optimization, marketing and catalog management to help online merchants manage their sites.

  • Joomla

This is an advanced CMS which has its own installer. Joomla installer enables to work together on shared hosting packages. Similar to Drupal, Joomla is highly capable CMS with a dedicated administration interface and support to access control protocols.




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