Use faux silk curtains for contemporary interiors

If you want to accentuate your interiors in a luxurious and stylish way, then adding silk curtains to your windows will just do the thing. Silk curtains have always been and still are considered to be the sign of riches and prosperity. but being an expensive fabric, not everybody can afford this particular fabric for curtains. If you too happen to be one of them, then you can go with using faux silk curtains and give a superior look to your contemporary interiors at an affordable price. You can choose from the many designs and patterns in faux silk fabric in many of the curtain shops in Dubai. Go here for more details.

Faux silk curtains have the sparkle, the deep colors and the touch and feel that is exactly similar to pure silk. But unlike silk curtains that can be cleaned and maintained properly only by the process of dry cleaning, which is quite pricey, these alternatives can be easily cleaned and washed. There are many other drawbacks of using silk curtains, which includes, fading in sun creasing quickly, and cannot be properly ironed. However, all such things are not seen when using faux silk curtains. You can easily wash them in washing machine, dry them under the sun and iron them easily.

The faux silk curtains are available in a variety of range from eyelet faux silk curtains, embroidered faux silk curtains and even dupion faux silk curtains. Out of all these, Dupion is very popularly purchased. It happens to be a faux silk stuff with a pronounced slub effect. In this the stress is more on the cloth and pretty less on the shine or twinkle of the cloth. Therefore, people who like the softness of silk more than its shine often opt for this fabric in most curtain shops in Dubai.

Taffeta is another kind of faux silk fabric that is very popularly chosen by homemakers. This is quite opposite to dupion and is favored by those who adore silk for its shimmer as well as softness. Such curtains provide a glossy appeal to the modern interiors of a home.

Because these faux silk curtains offer a luxurious charm to your contemporary home d├ęcor at affordable prices, you cannot expect a downturn in reputation for this curtain type in the near time.