Technology involved in treating obesity by gastric balloon surgery


In the fast paced life of today we look for achieving any objective in a fast and effective way, then whether it’s any of our everyday chore or weight loss goals. When it comes to weight loss, most of us want to shed those pounds to the earliest, then whether it’s for fitting into that dress or just getting rid of the obesity related health risk like hypertension. Well technology today has become quite advanced and achieving a speedy weight loss, which was dream like yesterday, is actually a possibility today. One of the bariatric or weight loss surgeries, which is highly popular because of being incision free is known as gastric balloon in Dubai. Here in this article we shall be taking a look at what the gastric balloon system is and what technology does it involve for achieving weight loss.


What is a gastric balloon procedure?

The gastric balloon Dubai has gained popularity as an alternative to bariatric surgeries. This is an incision less, quick weight loss option that creates a feeling of satiety in you, after consuming a small amount of food. Your hunger is reduced and you can control the portion size of the meals that you eat, and can thus achieve weight loss goals.


In this system a deflated soft silicon balloon (gastric balloon) is inserted in your stomach, which is then inflated to occupy space inside, hence filling it partially and giving you the feeling of fullness quickly.


Technology of Gastric Balloon

Since the deflated balloon is swallowed to reach the stomach, no surgery is required to perform the Gastric Balloon. The physician inserts the gastroscope (endoscopic camera) through the mouth. As soon as it reaches the stomach, the balloon is then filled with a sterile saline solution through a tiny tube attached to the balloon, which is gently removed after the balloon fills up.


The entire procedure takes around 15-20 minutes, but it is recommended to go to only a trained specialist for this procedure.


Amongst the many hospitals in Dubai, that offer weight loss by gastric balloon procedure, Lapsurgery is the most popular of all that engages expert and experience physiologists to treat you.