How to Prepare For GMAT Prep?

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When planning for GMAT, one of the most important GMAT prep techniques in Dubai, you have to follow to get a good score is to practice. Being prepared and have the right mindset to take a test is vital. This is no special case to a GMAT test.  First, You should familiarize yourself with the GMAT structure and principles by logging onto the official page of GMAT or the one provided by your coaching class( if any ).Question paper pattern is:


Analytical writing – 30 minutes, 1 essay (scored separately)

Integrated Reasoning – 30 minutes, 12 questions (scored separately)

Quantitative section – 1 hour and 25 minutes, 37 questions

Verbal Section – 1 hour and 25 minutes, 41 questions

Try to download practice test papers released by makers of the GMAT. These 2 tests contain real GMAT questions, follow real GMAT principles, and they best at estimating your GMAT prep & score in Dubai.

While preparing for GMAT, many students are under the impression that Quant is an easy section to score, so they allocate less time preparing for it, which can affect their overall score. In reality, while GMAT quant is easier, it is also slightly trickier. You need to focus hard to avoid making silly mistakes in this section.

The examiner may ask questions that include incorrect answer choices that were deliberately included to exploit your weakness areas. Although with regular practice you will be able to get a superior grip and avoid these deceptive choices, if you don’t mentally prepare yourself for the trickiness of the test, you may not take enough time to carry out practice questions

Plan your preparation such that you concentrate for 4 hours at a stretch. This implies picking the season of your GMAT test is additionally essential. If you are a morning person, choose the morning slot as that’s when your mental alertness is at its peak. On the other hand, if you are not a morning person, ought to pick an evening session so that you will have the capacity to do your best for your GMAT.

When reviewing your practice papers, you will get to know your strengths and weakness. At that point just concentrate on enhancing your weaknesses.For more details on career counseling visit