How Cushy CMS makes Content Management easy?


When CushyCMS was introduced, it was hailed as a brand new approach to content management. It is still the most popular CMS platform that allows adding editing functionality and management to a website, to make it simple to use and alter. So what makes it so good? Let’s investigate.

The most convenient thing about Cushy is that there is no need for any installation or a web host. Cushy is a platform that can be used to manage existing sites. To edit sites, all you need to do is to add the website to Cushy. This gives you the convenience of managing websites with ease.  It is quite easy to use hand highly interactive.


Its simplicity is the biggest advantage of Cushy CMS.  Understanding and working of Cushy are as simple as playing a game. Most of the CMS systems available frequently offer much more than what the user actually wants. This usually confuses non-techie users. Such users usually wish for a simple yet efficient CMS that lets them alter and enhance text and images without involving a lot of technicalities. This ease makes Cushy the most preferred CMS.

Another convincing point about Cushy CMS is that it facilitates quick and easy editing of websites. A person editing the website can conveniently specify what they want to edit by naming the DOM classes. In this way, the editor can make necessary changes with flexibility and without damaging the code of the site.

Another good reason is that the editor doesn’t require having any technical knowledge. It allows the editor to design websites freely without the need for them to learn PHP. They can easily update or alter the sites by inserting a class and title wherever required, and their work is done! This means that the website owner can still have full control over the site.