Advantages of Canon Camera

Canon Camera

When it comes to buying a DSLR, nothing beats the quality and performance of Canon cameras. It is a globally famous brand producing top level quality products for more than 60 years. And this is amongst the reasons why people blindly trust the brand. The art of photography is given a completely different shape with the superb quality lenses and various customization options that are generally included in all different models of Canon DSLR. One of the most popular models from the brand is Canon EOS 700d with price in Dubai ranging from AED 1,550 to AED 1,700.

In this article we shall be discussing about the various advantages offered by a canon camera that makes it worth purchasing.

· Affordable price: when it comes to price of camera then a Canon DSLR is far more affordable than the other brands like Nikon. For example the Canon EOS 700d price in Dubai is around 1,550 AED, which is approximately 8% less expensive than a similar camera model of Nikon.

· Superb video quality: the first advantage of a canon camera is its superb video performance. It offers professional HDSLR video, which is what makes canon stand apart from the rest of all. If video is the main focus of your camera, then undoubtedly you should pick a Canon DSLR. Other brands like Nikon also offers 1080p video quality and autofocus systems in the recent models, but still lags far behind than Canon in this aspect.

· Excellent megapixel count: although the megapixel count is not much considered by most photographers, but one can crop in tight with more megapixel count. Canon cameras have outperformed many other brands in terms of megapixel count.

· Built- in focus motors: most of the canon cameras, especially the recent models have lenses with built-in focus motors. Therefore you do not have to manually adjust the lens of the camera to bring the subject to be captured into focus. is one of the leading electronic online shopping website from where you can buy not only electronics, but also various other things like mobiles, cameras, trendy clothing, etc. at affordable and pocket friendly prices.