4 things to keep when designing a website for your company!


Thanks to the flexible rules for company formation in UAE, everyone is now finding it easy to dream and make it come true!

There is a growing demand for company formation in UAE, especially for offshore company formations. People interested in business are coming up with unique ideas to wow their target audience. Now, as the focus has shifted to the digital arena, it has become important for business to maintain a sophisticated website to make a mark.


Studies have highlighted at the fact that a well-built website is key to bring in more customers as well as it creates an enhanced user interface which will increase conversion. So in all ways, a well-built site generates new business at an exponential rate.

Here are a few important pointers that one should keep in mind when building a website –

  1. Navigation is the most important part of a website. It is the navigation that will decide the functionality and interactivity of the site. No visitor will ever like a site that does not have proper navigation and gets breaking down when they try to access different pages. When designing a website, the professional should also concentrate on navigation and should not get carried away in building a sophisticated design. One should build a navigation that is easy even for lay people.
  2. Consistency is yet another very important thing for the brand. If the company has a brand logo then the designer should see to it that the logo is included on all pages. Maintaining consistency by adding important information on the different pages of the website is also very important.
  3. Content is reigning the digital platforms. A website with catchy, interactive, and engaging content will always win the hearts of its visitors.
  4. Building trust is another important thing that the designers should think of. The designer should think about the client and has to come up with an excellent design that is apt for the business.

Taking care of all the above mentioned components is very important especially for those who want to open a company in UAE.